Nude is a commentary on the human condition: it is our soul undressed of the superfluous and the ephemeral, of the constraints and structures imposed by society: our purest essence is revealed throughout this spiritual journey and time is deconstructed to give way to our innermost self.
A labyrinth of around 120 sq mt will unwind over the surface of Ambika P3: here the time is framed in a one-way direction that captivates us to the end but yet it fluctuates between past, present and future. The merging of these is reinforced by the three ages of life echoing through the installation as we walk inside it, a place where we are the containers of both our child and adult’s feelings.
The second room will open the scenery to a fragmented space that loosens and brings back to the primitive, a continuum filled with an army of sculptures: twenty life-sized statues will be placed against iron blocks that form a deconstructed labyrinth and they will be a reflection of the human soul, of the frailness of human emotions.
Only the spectator, by entering the installation will be able to enact and trigger emotions and different perceptions: the empathy and interaction with the work of art will be vital to the accomplishment of the oeuvre...